Yes. I will work on your cattle whether you have 1 or 1,000. I will only provide limited services if no chute is available. I plan to buy a mobile chute this spring, but until then I need to make sure I can keep myself safe.


• Pregnancy detection
• Prolapse repair (vaginal, uterine or anal)
• Cesarean section
• Dystocia correction
• Eye removal
• Vaccination protocols
• Wound management
• Castration
• Health certificates
• Brucellosis vaccines (Bangs)
• Breeding soundness exam
• Fracture repair (calves)
• Humane euthanasia (for pet or production)
• Emergency care




• Castration
• Disbudding, dehorning (larger horns should be removed in a surgical suite)
• Vaccinations
• Pregnancy detection
• Pregnancy care including treatment of dystocia
• Kid/cria care
• Wound care
• Microchip placement
• Tooth trim
• Hoof care/trim
• Emergency care


I love my chickens and really enjoy working with fellow chicken people. I have limited experience with other types of fowl but but am open to working with many types of poultry.


• Health certificate
• Flock or individual health assessment

• Testing to move flock to another state
• Disease treatment
• Disease testing
• Humane euthanasia
• A fellow chicken lover to chat with

For NPIP certification the most cost effective option is to contact CSU who performs and is in charge of NPIP certification in the state of Colorado. If you need NPIP certification sooner than CSU can assist you feel free to contact me and I can come perform the testing.


phone: 970-297-1234