My specialty is beef cattle, although I also work some with dairy breeds. Whether you own 1 pet cow or 1,000 production animals I will be happy to help you be successful in any way I can. I provide limited services on horses.


Sheep, goats, llama and alpaca are among my favorite critters to spend the day with. Each have their own unique needs and personalities and I look forward to each and every interaction.


As a chicken owner and lover I am pleased to offer veterinary care and advice for my fellow chicken owners. I will admit, I do own a chicken tutu.

Supporting Our Local Friends & Neighbors

I am so grateful to be a part of veterinary medicine and look forward to helping my community. My love is ruminants including cattle, sheep, goats and llama/alpaca, although I admit, I also love my chickens. I guess it’s hard to choose between all the wonderful animals we share our lives with. Whether you own a couple of pet goats and a cow just because they make you happy or you are a third generation cattle rancher, I would love to help you in any way I can.